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React Google Login NG

This is a simple package for use the Google autentication. You can use the Google Button and/or Google One Tap.

Use the most recent GSI library


npm install --save react-google-login-ng


Import the Google Login Component from react-google-login-ng package

  import GoogleLogin from 'react-google-login-ng'

Then use it in your component like this:

      successCallback={({ credential, select_by }) => {
        console.log(credential, select_by);


ComponentProps (Extended with T_GoogleConfig type)

Required Prop Type Description
client_id string Google client ID
successCallback (resp: T_ResponseData)=>void Funtion after google login response
disabled boolean To disable login
script string For load another Google Script
method "one_tap" | "button" If method is not specified, will show One tap and button to do login
config T_ButtonConfig


Prop Type Description
credential string Google credential response (JWT)
select_by 'auto' | 'user' | "user_1tap" | 'user_1tap' | 'btn' | 'btn_confirm' | 'btn_add_session' | 'btn_confirm_add_session' Type of action of user to login
token_info_url string Url to fetch user data


Required Prop Type Description
width number Button width
type 'standard' | 'icon'
theme 'filled_black' | 'outline' | 'filled_blue'
size 'large' | 'medium' | 'small'
shape 'pill' | 'rectangular'
text 'signup_with' | 'signup_with' | 'continue_with' | 'signin'
logo_alignment 'center' | 'left'
locale string Button text language
click_listener () => void Function when button is clicked


Required Prop Type Description
auto_select boolean This field determines if an ID token is automatically returned without any user interaction when there's only one Google session that has approved your app before. The default value is false
login_uri string
native_callback T_ResponseHandler
cancel_on_tap_outside boolean This field sets whether or not to cancel the One Tap request if a user clicks outside the prompt. The default value is true
prompt_parent_id string This attribute sets the DOM ID of the container element. If it's not set, the One Tap prompt is displayed in the top-right corner of the window
nonce string This field is a random string used by the ID token to prevent replay attacks. See the following table for further information
context 'use' | 'signup' | 'signin' This field changes the text of the title and messages in the One Tap promp
state_cookie_domain boolean If you need to display One Tap in the parent domain and its subdomains, pass the parent domain to this field so that a single shared-state cookie is used
ux_mode 'popup' | 'redirect' Use this field to set the UX flow used by the Sign In With Google button. The default value is popup. This attribute has no impact on the OneTap UX
allowed_parent_origin string | string[] The origins that are allowed to embed the intermediate iframe. One Tap will run in the intermediate iframe mode if this field presents
intermediate_iframe_close_callback string
itp_support boolean

Learn More

For more information about Google autentication service, visit the follow GSI link

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