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Responsive and customizable search and select for Giphy's GIFs.

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React Giphy Searchbox is a powerful react component that returns Giphy's GIF or Stickers in a Masonry grid layout. Initially the component displays trending GIFs from Giphy's feed, when the the user starts typing something in the search field it switches to searched results. When an image is selected, a GIF object is returned.

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Please note: Axios has been dropped in favor of the native window.fetch() method from version 1.3.0. Please keep in mind that if you need to support old browsers you have to add a global polyfill like github/fetch or developit/unfetch.


Play with a simple responsive demo on CodeSandbox

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Getting started


yarn add react-giphy-searchbox
npm install react-giphy-searchbox --save

Basic example

import React from 'react'
import { render } from 'react-dom'
import ReactGiphySearchbox from 'react-giphy-searchbox'

const App = () => (
    apiKey="YOUR_API_KEY" // Required: get your on
    onSelect={item => console.log(item)}

render(<App />, document.getElementById("root"))


Prop Type Desc ß
apiKey string REQUIRED: Giphy's API key. Get your on
onSelect function REQUIRED A callback which is triggered whenever a GIF is selected. It returns a Gif object in the format specified for an image from Giphy's API.
onSearch function A callback which is triggered whenever a search is performed. It returns the searched text string.
libray `'gifs' 'stickers'`
rating string Filters results by specified rating.
Default: g
imageRenditionName string The type of rendition to be used.
Default: fixed_width_downsampled.
Please be careful with this setting, loading high quality gifs inside the masonry can reduce the performances.
imageRenditionFileType `'gif' 'webp'`
gifPerPage number The maximum number of images to return per page.
Default: 20
autoFocus boolean If true, the search form input field is focused by default on startup.
Default: false
masonryConfig array An array of objects describing the masonry's properties at different breakpoints. See specific chapter for further info.
Default: [{ columns: 2, imageWidth: 120, gutter: 5 }]
gifListHeight string The height of the returned GIF list.
Default: 300px
messageError string Generic error message when APIs call fails.
Default: Oops! Something went wrong. Please, try again.
messageLoading string Loading message only for accessibility purposes.
Default: Loading...
messageNoMatches string Message to tell users searched string returned empty array.
Default: No matches found.
loadingImage string If you want to customize the loading spinner, use this prop to set an alternative src for the image.
poweredByGiphy boolean You can choose to display or not display the Powered by Giphy badge at the bottom. Note that you need to show it if you want a production Api key from Giphy.
Default: true
poweredByGiphyImage string If you want to customize the Powered by Giphy badge, use this prop to set an alternative src for the image.
searchPlaceholder string Search input placeholder.
Default: Search for GIFs
wrapperClassName string Additional CSS class for the <div> that wrap the whole component.
searchFormClassName string Additional CSS class for the <form> element.
listWrapperClassName string Additional CSS class for the <div> that wrap the GIFs list.
listItemClassName string Additional CSS class for the <button> that wrap the single image.
imageBackgroundColor string Set the Giphy's image item background color, useful when libray prop is set to stickers, since stickers have transparent background.
Default: #eee

Responsive options

masonryConfig prop allow you to define responsiveness of the component. This prop accept an array of objects describing the masonry's properties at different breakpoints.

Each object in the array has the following properties:

Prop Type Description
mq string The minimum viewport width
columns number The number of vertical columns
imageWidth number The width (in px) of the image, and consequentially of the column
gutter number The space (in px) between the columns
  { columns: 2, imageWidth: 140, gutter: 10 },
  { mq: '700px', columns: 3, imageWidth: 200, gutter: 10 },
  { mq: '1000px', columns: 4, imageWidth: 220, gutter: 10 },

When defining your properties, note the following:

  • properties must be listed smallest to largest breakpoints in a mobile first approach;
  • The size without the mq property is assumed to be your smallest breakpoint, and must appear first.


MIT. © 2021 Sergio Pedercini

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