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React generate

To keep the consistency in React projects, use this library to auto-generate code that was agreed and tested by the CornerJob tech team, this will speed up our performance as developers and also keep the code efficient and intuitive.

What we use?

We are using the following libraries in our React project. If your project uses these libraries then react-generate is for you.

Getting Started

Install react-generate using npm:

npm install --save-dev react-generate

Let's get started by configuring your package.json, you have to add a script to your package.json so we can use it after.In this case, we will add the generate script

// package.json
  "scripts": {
    "generate": "reactgen" // reactgen is the binary that this library uses!

Now we need some parameters to make this library work:

  • srcPath (required): the path to the main source, we also need the container and component directories within it.
  • testFileExtension (optional): The sub-extension for the test files that we are going to generate

To set these parameters you need to use the package.json, add the reactGenerate object to set the parameters:

// package.json
  "reactGenerate": {
    "srcPath": "./src",
    "testFileExtension": "test"

Finally, your can run the generator:

npm run generate -- [options]

Below, we have an example of the [options] you can pass to the reactgen command


    -d, --domains    Generates a domain
    -t, --container  Generates a container
    -p, --component  Generates a component
    -h, --help       output usage information