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This package provides an easy to use, ready to go and customizable wrapper around file input, with option for image previews and returning file as base64 string.



npm install --save react-file-input-previews-base64

Basic Usage

import FileInputComponent from 'react-file-input-previews-base64'

Example Code

  labelText="Select file"


Prop Type Effect Default Value
labelText string The text to show in label "File Upload"
multiple boolean Whether multiple files can be selected or not true
accept string string which is passed to accept field of input tag, to specify the types of files that can be selected "*"
imagePreview boolean Whether preview section is shown or not true
textBoxVisible boolean Whether a controlled text field showing information be shown false
useTapEventPlugin boolean Whether to use onTouchTap or onClick false
callbackFunction function The function to be called when files are processed, can take either array of file describing objects or single object depending on if multiple files are allowed ()=>{}
nonPreviewComponent component Component to show in preview section for non-image files, title, size and type are passed to this as props included <NonPreviewDefaultComponent />
buttonComponent component The component to show for button, onClick or onTouchTap will be merged to its props to trigger the file selector box to show internally <button type="button">Attach</button>
textFieldComponent component The component to show for controlled text field, onClick or onTouchTap will be merged to its props to trigger the file selector box to show internally, along with value prop for showing information like "foobar.jpg", "2 files selected", "No file selected" etc <input type="text" />
imageContainerStyle object Object passed to style prop of image preview section container div {display:"flex", flexDirection:"row", width:"100%", flexWrap:"wrap"}
imageStyle object Object passed to style prop of image previews {marginTop: 5, marginBottom: 5, marginRight: 5, width: "auto", height: "30vmin", boxShadow:"rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.188235) 0px 10px 30px, rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.227451) 0px 6px 10px"}
parentStyle object Object passed to style prop of container div of whole component {marginTop:14}
labelStyle object Object passed to style prop of label {fontSize: 16,color:'rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.298039)',display:'block'}
inputId string String passed to id prop of input and htmlFor tag of label components, if not present clicking on label won't trigger the file sector to show none
inputName string String passed to name prop of input, if not present, using this component as part of form will not work. none
defaultFiles array Array consisting of urls of files to show as pre-selections, useful for edit forms, currently only supports urls to image files []


  • onTouchTap is implmented by react-tap-event-plugin and is used in the amazing material-ui.
  • I am using this with material-ui library and the default props for styles follows the material design pattern.
  • The structure of file describing object is:
  name: "IMG_20160813_102226.jpg",
  type: "image/jpeg",
  size: 645,
  base64: "...",
  file: File

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