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react-express =============


Express view component to render the html and javascript for react components

Use at your own risk, is pretty alpha atm a bit of optimising needs to happen

  • properties passed to render command will be applied to client and server rendering
  • Uses browserify to autogenerate the client side version of the page
  • Able to use any language that is supported by nodejs require and browserify transforms via package.json/options config

npm install express react-express --save
npm install node-jsx reactify --save
npm install coffee-script coffeeify --save
"browserify": { "transform": [ "reactify" ] }
"browserify": { "transform": [ "coffeeify" ] } <-- for js users! :D

#for jsx support
require('node-jsx').install({extension: '.jsx'})
#for coffee support
paths = require "path"
express = require "express"
reactexpress = require "react-express"
require('node-jsx').install({extension: '.jsx'})
app = express()
port = 1337
data = {
  cache: "./cache"
  dir: "./views/"
reactexpress(data).then (rex) ->
  #app.set 'view engine', 'coffee'
  app.engine "coffee", rex.viewEngine
  app.engine "jsx", rex.viewEngine
  #app.set "views", paths.join process.cwd(), data.dir
  app.get "/", (req, res, next) ->
    res.render "", { name: "ansma" }
  app.get "/jsx", (req, res, next) ->
    res.render "jsxtest.jsx", { name: "jsxs" }
  app.use rex.cache

the options passed to the constructor is also passed to browserify for js compiling

  • cachedir: location for compile javascript files
  • basedir: path to the directory where you have your files
  • browserifyOptions: options passed to browserify