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    React ES6 Template Component

    Empty ES6 npm component module for react. Starter for your own npm module deployment.


    I've been developing applications with create-react-app. However, I could not use it to build a component for use as an NPM module. There are many tutorials about how to do this, but I wanted a simpler "just copy this" repo to pull from. This repo is based off of the work by: gokulkrishh.

    1. Clone the repository
    git clone newComp
    2. Make it your own repository
    rm -rf .git
    git init
    3. Install dependencies
    npm install

    Folder Structure

    ├── test/
    ├── dist/
    ├── demo/
    ├── src/
    │   └── index.js
    │   └── styles.css
    ├── package.json
    └── webpack.config.js


    • Webpack v2 for bundling the dependencies.

    • ES6 support.

    • ESLint support.

    • Jest for test cases.

    • Travis CI support.

    Make it your own component

    • In package.json file change the name from react-es6-npm-component-template to your-component-name.

    • Open src/index.js and make it behave as your component needs to.

    Available scripts

    • npm run start - To start webpack dev-server.

    • npm run watch - To watch a file change and build the component.

    • npm run build - To produce the build file.

    • npm run deploy - To deploy the demo folder to gh-pages.

    • npm run test - To run test cases.

    Publish as node module

    npm login
    npm publish

    Make sure your package name, version and other information in package.json is correct.


    MIT © Jason Henriksen


    npm i react-es6-npm-component-template

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