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    An editable title implementation for react.


    npm install react-editable-title


    import React, { useState } from 'react'
    import Editable from 'react-editable-title'
    const App = () => {
      const [text, setText] = useState('')
      const handleTextUpdate = (current: string) => {
      return (
              placeholder="Type here"

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    Attribute Type Description Required
    text string Text to be displayed Yes
    textStyle CSSProperties Custom text styling No
    cb function Invoked when the text has been edited Yes
    onEditCancel function Invoked when the edit has been canceled No
    onValidationFail function Invoked when the text hasn't matched the regex No
    editButton boolean Sets the visibility of the edit button. Default is false No
    editButtonStyle CSSProperties Custom edit button styling No
    editControlButtons boolean Sets the visibility of the control buttons. Default is false No
    saveButtonStyle CSSProperties Custom save button styling No
    cancelButtonStyle CSSProperties Custom cancel button styling No
    placeholder string Placeholder text of the input element No
    saveOnBlur boolean Attempts to save text input on unfocus. Default is true No
    seamlessInput boolean Presents text-editor alike experience. Default is false No
    inputStyle CSSProperties Custom input styling No
    isFocused boolean Externally sets the state of input focus. Default is false No
    inputPattern string Regex pattern of desired input No
    inputErrorMessage string Info message about mismatch of input No
    inputErrorMessageStyle CSSProperties Custom error message styling No
    inputMinLength number Min length accepted as an input No
    inputMaxLength number Max length accepted as an input No


    The component can be controlled by keyboard keys. Hit Enter to save or Esc to cancel your edit. If there is no change in the text, neither Enter nor the Edit button would work.

    You also can control the validity of inputs with the regex you would provide. If the regex won't match the user input then your desired error message will be shown below of the input field.


    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

    Please make sure to update tests as appropriate. Thanks 🙌




    npm i react-editable-title

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