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    Inline Edit Component for React

    Before you continue, check out a successor to this repo: React Inline Edit Kit. It is more functional, and will be maintained in future.

    This is a simple React component for in-place text editing. It turns into an <input /> when focused, and tries to validate and save input on Enter or blur. Esc works as well for cancelling.

    Example animation gif

    Watch a demo, then check out demo/index.jsx for a quick example.


    npm install react-edit-inline --save-dev

    Required props

    • text:string initial text
    • paramName:string name of the parameter to be returned to change function
    • change:function function to call when new text is changed and validated, it will receive {paramName: value}

    Optional props

    • className:string CSS class name
    • activeClassName:string CSS class replacement for when in edit mode
    • validate:function boolean function for custom validation, using this overrides the two props below
    • minLength:number minimum text length, default 1
    • maxLength:number maximum text length, default 256
    • editingElement:string element name to use when in edit mode (DOM must have value property) default input
    • staticElement:string element name for displaying data default span
    • editing:boolean If true, element will be in edit mode
    • tabIndex:number tab index used for focusing with TAB key default 0
    • stopPropagation:boolean If true, the event onClick will not be further propagated.

    Usage example

    import React from 'react';
    import InlineEdit from 'react-edit-inline';
    class MyParentComponent extends React.Component {
          this.dataChanged = this.dataChanged.bind(this);
          this.state = {
            message: 'ReactInline demo'
        dataChanged(data) {
            // data = { description: "New validated text comes here" }
            // Update your model from here
        customValidateText(text) {
          return (text.length > 0 && text.length < 64);
        render() {
            return (<div>
                <span>Edit me: </span>
                    backgroundColor: 'yellow',
                    minWidth: 150,
                    display: 'inline-block',
                    margin: 0,
                    padding: 0,
                    fontSize: 15,
                    outline: 0,
                    border: 0


    npm i react-edit-inline

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