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React Drag and Drop Files

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Light and simple reactjs drag and drop files library to use with very flexible options to change, so you put whatever the design you want for your drop-area. Users can drag and drop or even select the file anywhere in the window.


Edit react-drag-drop-files


Install it from npm (using NPM).

npm i --save react-drag-drop-files


yarn add react-drag-drop-files


Using react hooks just as simple as:

import React, { useState } from "react";
import { FileUploader } from "react-drag-drop-files";

const fileTypes = ["JPG", "PNG", "GIF"];

function DragDrop() {
  const [file, setFile] = useState(null);
  const handleChange = (file) => {
  return (
    <FileUploader handleChange={handleChange} name="file" types={fileTypes} />

export default DragDrop;


Option Type Description value example
name string the name for your form (if exist) "myFile"
multiple boolean a boolean to determine whether the multiple files is enabled or not true OR false - false by default
label string the label (text) for your form (if exist) inside the uploading box - first word underlined "Upload or drop a file right here"
required boolean Conditionally set the input field as required true or false
disabled boolean this for disabled the input true OR false
hoverTitle string text appears(hover) when trying to drop a file "Drop here"
fileOrFiles Array or File or null this mainly made because if you would like to remove uploaded file(s) pass null or pass another file as initial
classes string string with the classes wished to add "drop_area drop_zone"
types Array array of strings with extensions to check and go throw ['png', 'jpeg', ...]
onTypeError function function that will be called only of error occurred related to type (err) => console.log(err)
children JSX Element, any if you want to replace the current design inside the box of drop zone. (it will remove the default exist style) <div><p>this is inside drop area</p></div> or just text
maxSize number the maximum size of the file (number in mb) 2
minSize number the minimum size of the file (number in mb) 1
onSizeError function function that will be called only if error related to min or max size occurred (file) => console.log(file)
onDrop function function that will be called when the user drops file(s) on the drop area only (file) => console.log(file)
onSelect function function that will be called when the user selects file(s) on click the file area only (file) => console.log(file)
handleChange function function that will be called when the user selects or drops file(s) (file) => console.log(file)
onDraggingStateChange function function that will be called with the state of dragging (dragging) => console.log(dragging)
dropMessageStyle CSS Properties A CSS property to style the hover message {backgroundColor: 'red'}

How to contribute:

  • Please follow the instructions inside this file: here


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