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A webpack plugin to inject react typescript docgen information


npm install --save-dev react-docgen-typescript-plugin
# or
yarn add -D react-docgen-typescript-plugin


NOTE: The TypeScript compiler options allowSyntheticDefaultImports and esModuleInterop will make react-docgen-typescript-plugin a lot harder! Turn them off for faster build times.

const ts = require('typescript');
const ReactDocgenTypescriptPlugin = require("react-docgen-typescript-plugin").default;

module.exports = {
  plugins: [
    // Will default to loading your root tsconfig.json
    new ReactDocgenTypescriptPlugin(),
    // or with a specific tsconfig
    new ReactDocgenTypescriptPlugin({ tsconfigPath: "./" }),
    // or with compiler options
    new ReactDocgenTypescriptPlugin({ compilerOptions: { jsx: ts.JsxEmit.Preserve } }),


This plugins support all parser options from react-docgen-typescript and all of the following options

Option Type Description Default
tsconfigPath string Specify the location of the tsconfig.json to use. null
compilerOptions object Specify compiler options. Cannot be used with tsconfigPath null
docgenCollectionName string or null Specify the docgen collection name to use. All docgen information will be collected into this global object. Set to null to disable. STORYBOOK_REACT_CLASSES
setDisplayName boolean Set the components' display name. If you want to set display names yourself or are using another plugin to do this, you should disable this option. true
typePropName string Specify the name of the property for docgen info prop type. type
exclude glob[] Glob patterns to ignore and not generate docgen information for. (Great for ignoring large icon libraries) []
include glob[] Glob patterns to generate docgen information for ['**/**.tsx']


If you want to see how this plugins is including and excluding modules set the DEBUG environment variable.

  • DEBUG=docgen:* - All logs
  • DEBUG=docgen:include - Included modules
  • DEBUG=docgen:exclude - Excluded modules
  • DEBUG=docgen:docs - Generated docs
DEBUG=docgen:* npm run storybook

Another great way of debugging your generated docs is to use a debugger statement in your component source file. If you turn off source maps you will be able to see the code that this package generates.

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Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Andrew Lisowski

💻 🎨 📖 🤔 🚧 🚇 ⚠️

Michael Shilman


Kyle Herock


Juho Vepsäläinen

🚇 ⚠️ 💻 📖

Egor Pogadaev

⚠️ 💻

Anton Savoskin


Trevor Burnham

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!


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