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    React Daterange Picker

    A React based date range picker.


    Getting Started

    There's lots of examples within the demo page, or check out a minimal example within code CodeSandbox:

    Edit 0xv5m04yql


    • Select a date range in an intuitive way.
    • Define date ranges that are not available for selection.
    • Show any number of months at the same time.
    • Visually represent half day states.

    React Version

    React 0.14, 15, and 16 are all supported in the latest version of react-daterange-picker.

    If you wish to user an older version of React, please use react-daterange-picker v0.12.x or below.

    Change Log

    All change log information is available within the project's releases.


    Please feel to contribute to this project by making pull requests. You can see a list of tasks that can be worked on in the issues list.

    Before a pull request can be merged, ensure that you have linted your files and all tests are passing -

    npm run lint
    npm run test


    If you have been added as a project contributor and wish to publish a new release -

    • Ensure that you have added yourself to the package.json contributors list
    • Bump the npm version as appropriate, following SemVer conventions
    • Update the Demo by running npm run deploy-example

    Building example page

    Once you have the repository cloned run the following commands to get started:

    npm install
    npm run develop

    This will start a local server at http://localhost:9989 where you can see the example page. It will also watch for any files changes and rebuild. To update the compiled files in dist run npm run build-dist-js, and you can lint the code with npm run lint.


    npm i react-daterange-picker

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