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A React component that allows flexible, customizable and scaleable text compiling. This component is inspired on the original concept of the Markdown language, though different in specific rules.

Comes with an editor to help with editing.


$ npm install react-custom-markdown --save

Thats all!


Before using this lib, it is needed to understand it's core concept. The goal is to transform a string into the desired HTML code. For such, it is needed a set of rules and a rendering function. This library comes with a many rules (lib/rules.js) and a rendering method for each (lib/elements.js) from which new ones can be derived.

<Markdown customRules={...} customElementsRenderer={...}>
<Editor body={...} changed={...} onSave={...} onChange={...}/>

Creating your own rules and elements

Let's say we want to create a simple custom element which, given the rule !!!some text!!!, outputs to <strong>some text</strong>.

  1. The rule must be an array of objects, each containing the keys name and regexp. The name value will be used in the rendering function and the regexp value must have the matched text in a group:
var customRules = [{name: 'strong', regexp: /\!\!\!(.+)\!\!\!/}]
  1. The rendering function must return either a valid renderable React object or nothing (null, undefined, 0, false). The function receives a fragment argument with the matched data and a props argument for further uses:
var customELementsRenderer = function (fragment, props) {
  if (fragment.rule == "strong") {
    return <strong>{fragment.content}</strong>

The outcome would be:

<Markdown customRules={customRules} customElementsRenderer={customElementsRenderer}>
  some text

Note: depending on you are writing React code, it may be needed to use customElementsRenderer={customElementsRenderer.bind(this)}

If the given child string does not match any of the given or predefined rules, it will be rendered as plain text.

Code Example

The code bellow uses some of the predefined rules and elements in this lib:

import Markdown from 'react-custom-markdown'
<Markdown customElementsRenderer={...} customRules={...}>
  [left:this is left:left]
  [right:this is right:right]
  [justify:this is justified:justify]
  [center:this is centered:center]
  this is an image: [image:]
  this is url 1: [url:]
  [url:this is url 2:]
<Editor body={this.state.body} changed={this.state.bodyIsChanged} onSave={} onChange={this.onChange}/>

List of predefined rules and elements

  • Literal text: [literal:some text:literal].
  • Literal character: \X, where X is the character.
  • Align left: [l:some text:l] or [left:some text:left] or <l:some text:l> or <left:some text:left>.
  • Align center: [c:some text:c] or [center:some text:center] or <c:some text:c> or <center:some text:center>.
  • Align right: [r:some text:r] or <r:some text:r> or [right:some text:right] or <right:some text:right>.
  • Justified: [j:some text:j] or <j:some text:j> or [justify:some text:justify] or <justify:some text:justify>.
  • Margin: <margin:number:some text:margin>
  • Padding: <padding:number:some text:padding>
  • Image: [image:image.url/foo.jpg] or [image:left:image.url/foo.jpg] or [image:right:image.url/foo.jpg] or [image:image.url/] or [image:left:image.url/] or [image:right:image.url/].
  • URL: [] or [url:some].
  • YouTube: [youtube:video-id].
  • New line: \n.
  • Heading: # Some Text, ## Some Text, ### Some Text, ...
  • Bold: *some text* or [bold:some text:bold].
  • Italic: /some text/.
  • Underline: _text_.
  • Quote: some text or [quote:some text:quote].
  • Text color: [color:your-color:some text:color] or <color:your-color:some text:color>; CSS colors allowed.
  • Background color: [bg:your-color:some text:bg] or <bg:your-color:some text:bg>; CSS colors allowed.
  • Column: <columns:[ ... ]:columns> and <column:number:some text:column>. See example below:
  <column:6:this column is 6/12 wide:column>
  <column:4:this column is 4/12 wide:column>
  <column:2:this column is 2/12 wide:column>

Note: the rules that start with < and end with > allow for multilining, as the example above.


Feel free to suggest improvements. PRs are welcome!






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