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    React Compare Image

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    Simple React component to compare two images using slider.


    NOTE: Vue.js Version is also available!

    Demo & Sample codes

    Demo & Sample codes


    • Simple
    • Responsive (always fit to the parent width)
    • Horizontal & Vertical comparison

    How to use

    yarn add react-compare-image
    // or
    npm install --save react-compare-image

    Note: Version 1 or later works only with React16.8 or later. Use version 0 instead.

    import ReactCompareImage from 'react-compare-image';
    <ReactCompareImage leftImage="image1.jpg" rightImage="image2.jpg" />;


    Prop (* required) type default description
    aspectRatio 'taller' or 'wider' 'taller' Which to choose if the aspect ratios of the images are different
    handle element null Custom handle element. Just pass <React.Fragment /> if you want to remove handle.
    handleSize number (px) 40 diameter of slider handle (by pixel)
    hover boolean false Whether to slide at hover
    leftImage * string null left image's url
    leftImageAlt string '' alt props for left image
    leftImageCss object {} Additional css for left image
    leftImageLabel string null Label for the image (e.g. before)
    onSliderPositionChange function null Callback function called each time the slider changes. The position (0 to 1) of the slider is passed as arg
    rightImage * string null right image's url
    rightImageAlt string '' alt props for right image
    rightImageCss object {} Additional css for right image
    rightImageLabel string null Label for the image (e.g. after)
    skeleton element null Element displayed while image is loading
    sliderLineColor string '#ffffff' line color of slider
    sliderLineWidth number (px) 2 line width of slider (by pixel)
    sliderPositionPercentage number (float) 0.5 Default line position (from 0 to 1)
    vertical boolean false Compare images vertically instead of horizontally. The left image is on the top and the right image is on the bottom.

    Supported browzer

    Latest modern browsers(Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge)


    npm i react-compare-image

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