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Coinbase Commerce React Button

Note: This repository is not actively maintained.

A button to embed a Coinbase Commerce checkout or charge directly into your React application.

npm i -S react-coinbase-commerce 


  • Connect your Coinbase Commerce account to easily accept cryptocurrencies from within your application.
  • Support for embedding individual charges or entire checkouts
  • Callback APIs for successful and failed payments.
  • No API key required

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import CoinbaseCommerceButton from 'react-coinbase-commerce';
import 'react-coinbase-commerce/dist/coinbase-commerce-button.css';

const App = () => {
  return (
    <CoinbaseCommerceButton checkoutId={'My checkout ID'}/>

Getting Started

  1. To start accepting digital currency payments, first register for a Coinbase Commerce account here.
  2. Whitelist your domain in Settings.
  3. Follow the API Documentation here to create a charge or checkout.
    • Alternatively, create a checkout from the merchant dashboard and copy the ID found in the checkout's details.
  4. Pass the ID of the charge or checkout you create to the CoinbaseCommerceButton component
  5. That's it! You're ready to start accepting digital currency payments with Coinbase Commerce



In addition to the regular button props, this component accepts some custom props:

Prop Name default required type
styled false no boolean
checkoutId nil If no chargeId, yes string
chargeId nil If no checkoutId, yes string
onLoad nil no ()=>void
onChargeSuccess nil no (MessageData)=>void
onChargeFailure nil no (MessageData)=>void
onPaymentDetected nil no (MessageData)=>void
onModalClosed nil no ()=>void
disableCaching false no boolean
customMetadata nil no string

Warning: If disableCaching is set to true, users that accidentally close their payment windows will be unable to see their transaction's status upon reopening.

Data Types

type MessageData = {
  event: 'charge_confirmed' | 'charge_failed' 'payment_detected',
  code: <CHARGE_CODE>

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