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React Checkbox

A React checkbox with support for the indeterminate state.


$ npm i --save react-checkbox


var Checkbox = require('react-checkbox')
var checked = null
    <Checkbox checked={checked} supportIntermediate={true} />,


  • checked: Boolean/Null - whether the checkbox should be checked or not. If supportIntermediate is true, the checked property can also have another value, which should equal to indeterminateValue prop (which defaults to null)
  • supportIndeterminate: Boolean - whether the checkbox should support the indeterminate state. Defaults to false.
  • indeterminateValue - the value for checked that should render the checkbox as indeterminate. Defaults to null
  • stopPropagation: Boolean - whether to stop change event propagation for the checkbox. Defaults to true.
  • onChange: Function(value, event) - The function to call when the state of the checkbox changes. NOTE: Unlike <input type="checkbox" />, first param is the new value, and second param is the event object.
  • defaultChecked - uncontrolled version of checked
  • nextValue: Function(oldValue, props) - can be used to change the default value order (when supportIndeterminate is true). Default order is: (checked -> unchecked; unchecked -> indeterminate; indeterminate -> checked).


If you want support for submitting the indeterminate value, and for specifying what to submit on each state, I suggest you take a look at react-check3