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React Chat Input

Wrapper around Medium editor encapsulating all its API and customized to work for chat inputs (Resets on enter)

0.0.1: Added auto scroll to bottom when pasting large blocks of text in a limited height editor 0.0.2: Added ability to pre-supply content and update programmatically via content prop 0.0.3: Made value of input available outside component 0.0.5: Added onFocus and onBlur handlers 0.0.6: Fixed bug when contentUpdated event was lagging by 1 keypress 0.0.7: Added onDirection and choose handlers. Both are triggered when the first character in the input is a #. OnDirection passes a boolean parameter for whether up or down arrow was pressed. 0.0.8: Changed # key handlers to not move cursor position 0.0.9: Added escape as a method for turning off tag parsing 0.1.0: Added outside callback for ESC key 0.1.1: Fixes for various bugs 0.1.3: Ensured input update on passing empty content string 0.1.4: Select all via keyboard was immediately getting unselected. Fixed now 0.1.5: Removed orphan console log