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    Bootstrap Switch

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    This project is a port of bootstrap-switch for use in React.js

    Version Compatability

    React Version Switch Version
    v16.x v15.x
    v15.x v15.x
    v14.x v3.4.x
    v13.x v3.3.x

    NOTE: The CSS from the original version is not fully compatible. There is CSS and LESS included in this repo, or any 3rd party themes can likely be made compatible with the changes shown in this commit.



    npm install react-bootstrap-switch


    import Switch from 'react-bootstrap-switch';
    handleSwitch(elem, state) {
      console.log('handleSwitch. elem:', elem);
      console.log('new state:', state);
    render: function() {
      return <Switch onChange={(el, state) => this.handleSwitch(el, state)} name='test' />;



    These should be defined on the JSX node, many cannot be changed once they have been set without recreating the node.

    Name Type Default Values Description
    value boolean true true, false, null State of the switch. Null indidcates indeterminate. Use to store state external to the switch
    defaultValue boolean true true, false, null Initial starting state of the switch. Null indidcates indeterminate. Use to make the switch remember and handle state itself
    bsSize string null null, 'mini', 'small', 'normal', 'large' The checkbox size
    animate boolean true true, false Enable or disable animation for the switch
    disabled boolean false true, false Disable state
    readonly boolean false true, false Readonly state
    inverse boolean false true, false Inverse switch direction
    tristate boolean false true, false Allows user to cycle values through true, false and null
    onColor string 'primary' 'primary', 'info', 'success', 'warning', 'danger', 'default' Color of the on side of the switch
    offColor string 'default' 'primary', 'info', 'success', 'warning', 'danger', 'default' Color of the off side of the switch
    onText string or node 'ON' Text of the on side of the switch
    offText string or node 'OFF' Text of the off side of the switch
    labelText string '' Text of the center handle of the switch
    handleWidth string or number 'auto' 'auto' or Number Width of the left and right sides in pixels
    labelWidth string or number 'auto' 'auto' or Number Width of the center handle in pixels
    baseClass string 'bootstrap-switch' Global class prefix
    wrapperClass string 'wrapper' Container element class(es)
    onChange function undefined function(elm, state){}


    Name Parameters Description
    value boolean or null Get or set the switch state

    Supported browsers

    IE9+ and all the other modern browsers.

    Examples and Contributing

    The following will get a local copy of the code and launch the example page.

    Any changes to the source files will be automatically loaded into your browser upon saving the files.

    git clone
    cd react-bootstrap-switch
    npm install
    npm run dev

    LESS / CSS

    Import src/less/bootstrap2/bootstrap-switch.less for bootstrap 2 or src/less/bootstrap3/bootstrap-switch.less for bootstrap 3 in your compilation stack.

    NOTE: The LESS and CSS files from the original switch are not fully compatible, updated versions are included in this repo.


    Licensed under the MIT License


    npm i react-bootstrap-switch

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