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Bootstrap 3 components built with React.

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Under active development - APIs will change. Check out the 1.0.0 roadmap and contributing guidelines to see where you can help out. Prior to the 1.0.0 release, deprecations or breaking changes will result in a minor version bump.


See the documentation with live editable examples.

Related modules

  • react-router-bootstrap – Integration with React Router
  • React Bootstrap Extended - A version of React Bootstrap where each component has extra props that map to bootstrap's utility classes. For example, pullRight adds the class pull-right to a component.
  • [Awesome React Bootstrap Components][awesome-react-bootstrap-components] - Additional components like off-canvas navbar, switch and sliders.

Local setup

  • Install the dependencies with npm install
  • Run tests npm test
  • Run tests in watch mode npm run tdd
  • Run the docs site in development mode with npm run docs. This will watch for file changes as you work. Simply refresh the page to see the updates.
  • Build with npm run build


Yes please! See the contributing guidelines for details.