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    Lightbox-like Image viewer for React

    Lightbox image image viewer for react with zoom, rotate and move feature with single or multi image. Includes basic touch support.

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    • Fully Responsive
    • Smooth tranformation
    • Single Image Mode
    • Multiple Image Mode
    • Virtually unlimited zoom steps and move Support
    • Full 360 degree rotate support
    • Touch Support
    • Full keyboard support
    • Supports all major browsers

    How to use

    Setting up

    To install, run the following command with your favourite package manager:

    yarn add react-awesome-lightbox

    Once installed, include it in your project like this:

    import Lightbox from "react-awesome-lightbox";
    // You need to import the CSS only once
    import "react-awesome-lightbox/build/style.css";

    Then use it like this for single image:

    <Lightbox image="image_url" title="Image Title">

    or for multiple images:

    let images = [
            title:"image title 1"
            title:"image title 2"
    <Lightbox images={images}>

    Available properties

    Lightbox can be customized with the following properties

    property default description
    image n/a URL to the image to show
    while in single image mode
    title n/a Title to show with the single image
    images null Takes an array of inage
    and starts the lightbox
    in multi image mode. *If you supply both image and
    images prop, image is ignored.
    supported formats : ["url1","url2"...]
    startIndex 0 If the lightbox is in multiple image mode,
    the starting image index
    zoomStep 0.3 Step for zoom in or zoom out,
    1 means 100% so, default 0.3 means 30%
    onClose null This function determines how to
    react when the close button is pressed
    allowZoom true Determines if image zoom controls should be shown
    allowRotate true Determine if image rotate controls should be shown
    allowReset true Determine if reset buttons should be shown
    buttonAlign "flex-end" Determine how to align the toolbar buttons
    options are: flex-end, flex-start, center
    showTitle true Determines if title should be shown if available
    keyboardInteraction true Determine if keyboard shortcuts will be allowed
    See below section for available
    doubleClickZoom 4 Determine how much to zoom in if double clicked.
    default 4 means close to 400%.
    Setting it to 0 will disable
    doubleclick/ double tap zoom
    onNavigateImage null Callback when image is navigated. It accepts the
    new index as its parameter.

    Keyboard Shortcut:

    • Arrow keys , , when zoomed out, will navigate between images in multi image mode.
    • When Zoomed in, , , , keys will move the image
    • + and - will zoom in and out the image is zoom is allowed.
    • esc will reset transformation (if reset is allowrd), if no transformation is left to reset it will trigger the onClose function (close the lightbox).


    All the styles are in the build/style.css file. If you want to modify the CSS, download this file and customize it. then include the custom CSS file instead of the file from the package.


    • Pinch to Zoom

    Released under the MIT license. Icons are from Icofont. Contributions are welcome 🖤


    npm i react-awesome-lightbox

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