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React Audio Player

This is a light React wrapper around the HTML5 audio tag. It provides the ability to manipulate the player and listen to events through a nice React interface.


npm install --save react-audio-player


import ReactAudioPlayer from 'react-audio-player';


See the example directory for a basic working example of using this. You can run it with the command npm run example.


listenInterval {Number} [10000]

Indicates how often to call the onListened prop during playback, in milliseconds.

onAbort {Function}

Called when unloading the audio player, like when switching to a different src file. Passed the event.

onCanPlay {Function}

Called when enough of the file has been downloaded to be able to start playing. Passed the event.

onEnded {Function}

Called when playback has finished to the end of the file. Passed the event.

onError {Function}

Called when the audio tag encounters an error. Passed the event.

onListen {Function}

Called every listenInterval milliseconds during playback. Passed the event.

onPause {Function}

Called when the user pauses playback. Passed the event.

onPlay {Function}

Called when the user taps play. Passed the event.

onSeeked {Function}

Called when the user drags the time indicator to a new time. Passed the event.

preload {String}

Indicates whether the browser should preload the media. See the audio tag documentation for details.

Advanced Usage

Access to the audio element

You can get direct access to the underlying audio element. First get a ref to ReactAudioPlayer:

  ref={c => this.rap = c }

Then you can access the audio element like this: