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A Slider/Carousel component for React supporting custom css animations.

Demo - Codesandbox Playground



  • Ready to use slider component with animations
  • Easy customization
  • Horizontal or vertical navigation
  • Swipe navigation on touch devices
  • Infinite slider
  • Autoplay
  • Supports any element as children
  • Clean DOM without dirty manipulations
  • Support for CSS modules
  • Works with SSR
  • Works on IE11


npm install react-animated-slider --save

Most Simple Use:

import Slider from 'react-animated-slider';
import 'react-animated-slider/build/horizontal.css';
  {, index) => <div key={index}>


slideIndex - number, default 0

Index of the slide that will be initially displayed.

duration - number, default 2000(ms)

Duration of the animation in milliseconds. It is used to remove the animateIn and animateOut classNames and assign current after the transition has completed.

disabled - boolean, default false

Disable slider navigation

infinite - boolean, default true

Enable or disable infinite loop through slides. Sliders with only 2 children will have this option set to false

autoplay - number, default undefined

Autoplay interval in miliseconds. If undefined the slider will not play automatically. The timer will be paused and reset during user interactions such as mouse over or touch, to avoid sliding away the elements when the user wants to click them.

touchDisabled boolean, default false

Disable slider navigation through touch events

minSwipeOffset - number, default 15(px)

Minimum distance to swipe for triggering a navigation event

previousButton - ReactElement, default is an arrow svg

Will be rendered inside the previous button

nextButton - ReactElement, default is an arrow svg

Will be rendered inside the next button

onSlideChange - function, called after the current slide has changed; receives an object with the new slide index as argument:

<Slider onSlideChange={event => console.log(event.slideIndex)}>

classNames object, default

  slider: 'slider',
  previousButton: 'previousButton',
  nextButton: 'nextButton',
  buttonDisabled: 'disabled',
  track: 'track',
  slide: 'slide',
  hidden: 'hidden',
  previous: 'previous',
  current: 'current',
  next: 'next',
  animateIn: 'animateIn',
  animateOut: 'animateOut',

Object representing the CSS classNames that will be apllied to the slides.


slider the classname for the whole Slider element

previousButton previous button

nextButton next button

buttonDisabled disabled state for previous and next button

track element wrapping all slides

slide apllied to every item (child)

hidden a slide that is not visible and is not adjacent to the current slide, therefore no animation will be usually needed

previous the slide that will appear or is appearing when the slider navigated back

next the slide that will appear or is appearing when the slider navigated forward

animateIn the slide moving into the view

animateOut the slide moving out of the view

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