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    React Alice Carousel

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    React Alice Carousel is a React component for building content galleries, content rotators and any React carousels.

    👉  Live demo (API): v2.x.x

    👉  Previous version (API): v1.x.x

    demo gif

    demo gif


    • Auto Height
    • Auto Play
    • Auto Width
    • Custom animation modes
    • Custom rendered slides
    • Infinite loop
    • Lazy loading
    • Mobile friendly
    • Multiple items in the slide
    • Responsive design
    • Stage padding
    • Show / hide anything (indicators, arrows, slides indexes)
    • Swipe to slide
    • Server side rendering friendly
    • Touch and Drag support
    • TypeScript


    npm i react-alice-carousel

    Style import

    # CSS
    @import "react-alice-carousel/lib/alice-carousel.css";
    # SCSS
    @import "react-alice-carousel/lib/scss/alice-carousel.scss";


    import React from 'react';
    import AliceCarousel from 'react-alice-carousel';
    import 'react-alice-carousel/lib/alice-carousel.css';
    const handleDragStart = (e) => e.preventDefault();
    const items = [
      <img src="path-to-img" onDragStart={handleDragStart} />,
      <img src="path-to-img" onDragStart={handleDragStart} />,
      <img src="path-to-img" onDragStart={handleDragStart} />,
    const Gallery = () => {
      return (
        <AliceCarousel mouseTracking items={items} />


    • activeIndex : Number, default 0 - Set carousel at the specified position.

    • animationDuration: Number, default 400 - Set duration of animation.

    • animationEasingFunction: String or Function, default ease - Property sets how an animation progresses through the duration of each cycle.

    • animationType: String(slide, fadeout), default slide - Set type of animation.

    • autoHeight: Boolean, default false - Set auto height mode.

    • autoWidth: Boolean, default false - Set auto width mode.

    • autoPlay: Boolean, default false - Set autoplay mode.

    • autoPlayControls: Boolean, default false - Show/hide play/pause buttons.

    • autoPlayDirection: String(ltr, rtl), default ltr - Set autoplay direction value.

    • autoPlayInterval: Number, default 400 - Set autoplay interval value.

    • autoPlayStrategy: String(default, action, all, none) - Set a strategy for autoplay mode

      • default - pause automatic playback on the hover
      • action - stop automatic playback if user action was detected
      • all - merge default && action strategies
      • none - ignore any user actions when the autoPlay property was specified
    • controlsStrategy: String (default, responsive, alternate or combined string "default,alternate") - Set a strategy for gallery controls.

      • default - use controls as is
      • alternate - show each dot for each slide
      • responsive - navigation will be hidden if the number of gallery elements is equal to the number of items in the slide.
    • disableButtonsControls: Boolean, default false - Disable buttons controls.

    • disableDotsControls: Boolean, default false - Disable dots controls.

    • disableSlideInfo: Boolean, default true - Disable information about current slide.

    • infinite: Boolean, default false - Set infinite mode.

    • innerWidth: Number, default 0 - Set a static value for a breakpoint(key) of the "responsive" property. For example, if you can't use 'window.innerWidth' during SSR.

    • items: Array, default undefined - Set gallery items, preferable to use this property instead of children.

    • keyboardNavigation: Boolean, default false - Enable keyboard navigation

      • ArrowLeft - go to the prev slide
      • ArrowRight - go to the next slide
      • Space - run/stop autoplay mode if autoPlay property is equal true
    • mouseTracking: Boolean, default false - Enable mouse drag animation.

    • paddingLeft: Number, default 0 - Set the gallery offset from the left.

    • paddingRight: Number, default 0 - Set the gallery offset from the right.

    • renderKey: Number, default undefined - Auxiliary property, allows call the render method without changing the state inside the gallery instance.

    • responsive: Object, default undefined - Set number of items in the slide. The key is the breakpoint (default is the result of: () => window.innerWidth or innerWidth property if the last presented).

            0: {
                items: 1,
            1024: {
                items: 3
    • swipeDelta: Number, default 20 - Set minimum distance to the start of the swiping (px).

    • swipeExtraPadding: Number, default 200 - Set maximum distance from initial place before swipe action will be stopped (px).

    • ssrSilentMode: Boolean, default true - Disable classnames modifiers for server side rendering.

    • touchTracking: Boolean, default true - Enable touch move animation.

    • touchMoveDefaultEvents: Boolean, default true - Enable touch move default events on swiping. If false was specified, this prevents vertical scrolling of the parent elements during the swipe.

    • onInitialized(e: EventObject): Function - Fired as callback after the gallery was created.

    • onResizeEvent(e: Event): Function - Fired during the "resize" event to determine whether to call the event handler. Default result of () => true;

    • onResized(e: EventObject): Function - Fired as callback after the gallery was resized.

    • onSlideChange(e: EventObject): Function - Fired before the event object changes.

    • onSlideChanged(e: EventObject): Function - Fired after the event object was changed.

    • renderSlideInfo(e: SlideInfo): Rendering function - create a custom component.

    • renderDotsItem(e: DotsItem): Rendering function - create a custom component.

    • renderPrevButton({ isDisabled }): Rendering function - create a custom component.

    • renderNextButton({ isDisabled }): Rendering function - create a custom component.

    • renderPlayPauseButton({ isPlaying }): Rendering function - create a custom component.


    • slidePrev(e: Event) => void : Go to the prev slide.
    • slideNext(e: Event) => void : Go to the next slide.
    • slideTo(activeIndex?: number) => void : Go to the specified slide.


    type EventObject = {
      item: number;
      slide: number;
      itemsInSlide: number;
      isPrevSlideDisabled: boolean;
      isNextSlideDisabled: boolean;
      type: EventType;
    type SlideInfo = {
      item: number;
      itemsCount: number;
    type DotsItem = {
      isActive: boolean;
      activeIndex: number;
    enum EventType {
      ACTION = 'action', // used if a general user action (button click or swipe)
      INIT = 'init',     // used if the initial event was triggered
      RESIZE = 'resize', // used if the gallery size was changed
      UPDATE = 'update', // used if the gallery was updated with props (activeIndex)

    CSS classes


    CSS modifiers


    Build the project locally


    git clone https://github.com/maxmarinich/react-alice-carousel
    cd react-alice-carousel


    npm i
    npm start


    npm test




    npm i react-alice-carousel

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