re-add comments to generated files from their source files via sourcemap


Re-add comments to generated files from their CoffeeScript source files via sourcemap.

reAddComments a sourcemap (.map) file, looks at the generated JavaScript file and the CoffeeScript source file(s) it's associated with, and adds comments from the sources to the generated file. If multiple .map are passed in one invocation, reAddComments will process each one individually. Common usage may be

reAddComments lib/*.map

reAddComments is only as accurate as the sourcemap allows it to be, so it does a good job most of the time, but does occassionally misplace comments. If you are using it to migrate a code base away from CoffeeScript, you will probably want to look through the files to make sure the comments are in the right place and move the few that wrong.

Comments that start with #{ are ignored.

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Jared Pochtar

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