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A Fork of Green Turtle, an RDFa 1.1 implementation in JavaScript for browsers and NodeJS. This repository only keeping the core RDFa tasks and using the RDFJS triple/quad representation.

Install: npm install rdfa-processor


var doc = window.document; //you can also use jsdom to get this, or use DOMParser to parse a string
var parser = new (require('rdfa-processor').RDFaProcessor)();
parser.onTriple = function (triple) {

See the example folder for more examples

Conformance Information from the original repository

Green Turtle passes all the tests for XML, XHTML1, XHTML5, HTML4, and HTML5 as provided by the RDFa WG except for the following notable issues:

  • XML Test 0332 uses a bare lang attribute instead of an xml:lang attribute. I believe this is a bug in the test. Green Turtle does the right thing with respect to xml:lang attributes in XML and lang attributes in HTML. A lang attribute in arbitrary XML has no special meaning.
  • XHTML1 Test 0198 and XHTML5 Test 0198 both have extra namespaces serialized in the XMLLiteral as expected output. The input for the test cases does not have XML namespace attributes. Instead, they use a prefix attribute to declare the prefixes used in the RDFa annotations. Meanwhile, when the literal is serialized, they are not in the in-scope namespaces. The RDFa specification says nothing about doing any kind of merging of prefixes and in-scope namespaces. I believe these test cases are incorrect. The correct serialization will not contain the rdf: and foaf: namespace declarations as they are not present in the source document.


The original repository is licensed MIT, this derived work as well.

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