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React Trigger Component

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Browser Support

IE Chrome Firefox Opera Safari
IE 8+ ✔ Chrome 31.0+ ✔ Firefox 31.0+ ✔ Opera 30.0+ ✔ Safari 7.0+ ✔


npm install
npm start



online example:


  • supported on IE 8+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari




Include the default styling and then:

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import Trigger from 'rc-trigger';
      points: ['tl', 'bl'],
      offset: [0, 3]
    <a href='#'>hover</a>
), container);



name type default description
popupClassName string additional className added to popup
destroyPopupOnHide boolean false whether destroy popup when hide
getPopupClassNameFromAlign getPopupClassNameFromAlign(align: Object):String additional className added to popup according to align
action string[] ['hover'] which actions cause popup shown. enum of 'hover','click','focus','contextMenu'
mouseEnterDelay number 0 delay time to show when mouse enter. unit: s.
mouseLeaveDelay number 0.1 delay time to hide when mouse leave. unit: s.
popupStyle Object additional style of popup
prefixCls String rc-trigger-popup prefix class name
popupTransitionName String|Object
maskTransitionName String|Object
onPopupVisibleChange Function call when popup visible is changed
mask boolean false whether to support mask
maskClosable boolean true whether to support click mask to hide
popupVisible boolean whether popup is visible
zIndex number popup's zIndex
defaultPopupVisible boolean whether popup is visible initially
popupAlign Object: alignConfig of [dom-align]( popup 's align config
onPopupAlign function(popupDomNode, align) callback when popup node is aligned
popup React.Element | function() => React.Element popup content
getPopupContainer getPopupContainer(): HTMLElement function returning html node which will act as popup container
getDocument getDocument(): HTMLElement function returning document node which will be attached click event to close trigger
popupPlacement string use preset popup align config from builtinPlacements, can be merged by popupAlign prop
builtinPlacements object builtin placement align map. used by placement prop

Test Case

npm test
npm run chrome-test


npm run coverage

open coverage/ dir


rc-trigger is released under the MIT license.