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React Select

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  • support IE11+,Chrome,Firefox,Safari


  • Open select (focus input || focus and click)
  • KeyDown/KeyUp/Enter to navigate menu




basic use

import Select, { Option } from 'rc-select';
import 'rc-select/assets/index.css';

export default () => (
    <Option value="jack">jack</Option>
    <Option value="lucy">lucy</Option>
    <Option value="yiminghe">yiminghe</Option>


Select props

name description type default
id html id to set on the component wrapper String ''
className additional css class of root dom node String ''
data-* html data attributes to set on the component wrapper String ''
prefixCls prefix class String ''
animation dropdown animation name. only support slide-up now String ''
transitionName dropdown css animation name String ''
choiceTransitionName css animation name for selected items at multiple mode String ''
dropdownMatchSelectWidth whether dropdown's width is same with select boolean true
dropdownClassName additional className applied to dropdown String -
dropdownStyle additional style applied to dropdown React.CSSProperties {}
dropdownAlign additional align applied to dropdown AlignType {}
dropdownMenuStyle additional style applied to dropdown menu Object React.CSSProperties
notFoundContent specify content to show when no result matches. ReactNode 'Not Found'
tokenSeparators separator used to tokenize on tag/multiple mode string[]?
open control select open boolean
defaultOpen control select default open boolean
placeholder select placeholder React Node
showSearch whether show search input in single mode boolean true
allowClear whether allowClear boolean { clearIcon?: ReactNode }
tags when tagging is enabled the user can select from pre-existing options or create a new tag by picking the first choice, which is what the user has typed into the search box so far. boolean false
tagRender render custom tags. (props: CustomTagProps) => ReactNode -
maxTagTextLength max tag text length to show number -
maxTagCount max tag count to show number -
maxTagPlaceholder placeholder for omitted values ReactNode/function(omittedValues) -
combobox enable combobox mode(can not set multiple at the same time) boolean false
multiple whether multiple select boolean false
disabled whether disabled select boolean false
filterOption whether filter options by input value. default filter by option's optionFilterProp prop's value boolean true/Function(inputValue:string, option:Option)
optionFilterProp which prop value of option will be used for filter if filterOption is true String 'value'
filterSort Sort function for search options sorting, see Array.sort's compareFunction. Function(optionA:Option, optionB: Option) -
optionLabelProp render option value or option children as content of select String: 'value'/'children' 'value'
defaultValue initial selected option(s) String | String[] -
value current selected option(s) String | String[] | {key:String, label:React.Node} | {key:String, label:React.Node}[] -
labelInValue whether to embed label in value, see above value type. Not support combobox mode boolean false
backfill whether backfill select option to search input (Only works in single and combobox mode) boolean false
onChange called when select an option or input value change(combobox) function(value, option:Option | Option[]) -
onSearch called when input changed function -
onBlur called when blur function -
onFocus called when focus function -
onPopupScroll called when menu is scrolled function -
onSelect called when a option is selected. param is option's value and option instance Function(value, option:Option) -
onDeselect called when a option is deselected. param is option's value. only called for multiple or tags Function(value, option:Option) -
onInputKeyDown called when key down on input Function(event) -
defaultActiveFirstOption whether active first option by default boolean true
getPopupContainer container which popup select menu rendered into function(trigger:Node):Node function(){return document.body;}
getInputElement customize input element function(): Element -
showAction actions trigger the dropdown to show String[]? -
autoFocus focus select after mount boolean -
autoClearSearchValue auto clear search input value when multiple select is selected/deselected boolean true
suffixIcon specify the select arrow icon ReactNode -
clearIcon specify the clear icon ReactNode -
removeIcon specify the remove icon ReactNode -
menuItemSelectedIcon specify the item selected icon ReactNode | (props: MenuItemProps) => ReactNode -
dropdownRender render custom dropdown menu (menu: React.Node) => ReactNode -
loading show loading icon in arrow boolean false
virtual Disable virtual scroll boolean true
direction direction of dropdown 'ltr' | 'rtl' 'ltr'
optionRender Custom rendering options (oriOption: FlattenOptionData<BaseOptionType> , info: { index: number }) => React.ReactNode -
labelRender Custom rendering label (props: LabelInValueType) => React.ReactNode -
maxCount The max number of items can be selected number -


name description parameters return
focus focus select programmably - -
blur blur select programmably - -

Option props

name description type default
className additional class to option String ''
disabled no effect for click or keydown for this item boolean false
key if react want you to set key, then key is same as value, you can omit value String/number -
value default filter by this attribute. if react want you to set key, then key is same as value, you can omit value String/number -
title if you are not satisfied with auto-generated title which is show while hovering on selected value, you can customize it with this property String -

OptGroup props

name description type default
label group label String/React.Element -
key - String -
value default filter by this attribute. if react want you to set key, then key is same as value, you can omit value String -
className same as Option props String ''
title same as Option props String -


npm install
npm start


local example: http://localhost:9001/

online example: http://select.react-component.now.sh/

Test Case

npm test


npm run coverage


rc-select is released under the MIT license.

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