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React High Order Form Component.

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npm install
npm start
open http://localhost:8000/examples/


  • Support react.js and even react-native
  • Validate fields with async-validator




import { createForm, formShape } from 'rc-form';
class Form extends React.Component {
  static propTypes = {
    form: formShape,
  submit = () => {
    this.props.form.validateFields((error, value) => {
      console.log(error, value);
  render() {
    let errors;
    const { getFieldProps, getFieldError } = this.props.form;
    return (
        <input {...getFieldProps('normal')}/>
        <input {...getFieldProps('required', {
          onChange(){}, // have to write original onChange here if you need
          rules: [{required: true}],
        {(errors = getFieldError('required')) ? errors.join(',') : null}
        <button onClick={this.submit}>submit</button>
export createForm()(Form);

Use with React Native

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View the source code

Or a quicker version:

import { createForm } from 'rc-form';
class Form extends React.Component {
  componentWillMount() {
    this.requiredDecorator = this.props.form.getFieldDecorator('required', {
      rules: [{required: true}],
  submit = () => {
    this.props.form.validateFields((error, value) => {
      console.log(error, value);
  render() {
    let errors;
    const { getFieldError } = this.props.form;
    return (
              // can still write your own onChange
        {(errors = getFieldError('required')) ? errors.join(',') : null}
        <button onClick={this.submit}>submit</button>
export createForm()(Form);

createForm(option: Object) => (WrappedComponent: React.Component) => React.Component

Option Description Type Default
option.validateMessages Preseted messages of async-validator Object {}
option.onFieldsChange Called when field changed, you can dispatch fields to redux store. (props, changed, all): void NOOP
option.onValuesChange Called when value changed. (props, changed, all): void NOOP
option.mapProps Get new props transferred to WrappedComponent. (props): Object props => props
option.mapPropsToFields Convert value from props to fields. Used for read fields from redux store. (props): Object NOOP
option.fieldNameProp Where to store the name argument of getFieldProps. String -
option.fieldMetaProp Where to store the meta data of getFieldProps. String -
option.fieldDataProp Where to store the field data String -
option.withRef(deprecated) Maintain an ref for wrapped component instance, use refs.wrappedComponent to access. boolean false

Note: use wrappedComponentRef instead of withRef after rc-form@1.4.0

class Form extends React.Component { ... }
// deprecated
const EnhancedForm = createForm({ withRef: true })(Form);
<EnhancedForm ref="form" />
this.refs.form.refs.wrappedComponent // => The instance of Form
// Recommended
const EnhancedForm = createForm()(Form);
<EnhancedForm wrappedComponentRef={(inst) => this.formRef = inst} />
this.formRef // => The instance of Form

(WrappedComponent: React.Component) => React.Component

The returned function of createForm(). It will pass an object as prop form with the following members to WrappedComponent:

getFieldProps(name, option): Object { [valuePropName], [trigger], [validateTrigger] }

Will create props which can be set on a input/InputComponent which support value and onChange interface.

After set, this will create a binding with this input.

  <input {...getFieldProps('name', { ...options })} />

name: String

This input's unique name.

option: Object

Option Description Type Default
option.valuePropName Prop name of component's value field, eg: checkbox should be set to checked ... String 'value'
option.getValueProps Get the component props according to field value. (value): Object (value) => ({ value })
option.getValueFromEvent Specify how to get value from event. (e): any See below
option.initialValue Initial value of current component. any -
option.normalize Return normalized value. (value, prev, all): Object -
option.trigger Event which is listened to collect form data. String 'onChange'
option.validateTrigger Event which is listened to validate. Set to falsy to only validate when call props.validateFields. String String[]
option.rules Validator rules. see: async-validator Object[] -
option.validateFirst Whether stop validate on first rule of error for this field. boolean false
option.validate Object[] -
option.validate[n].trigger Event which is listened to validate. Set to falsy to only validate when call props.validateFields. String String[]
option.validate[n].rules Validator rules. see: async-validator Object[] -
option.hidden Ignore current field while validating or gettting fields boolean false
option.preserve Whether to preserve the value. That will remain the value when the field be unmounted and be mounted again boolean false
Default value of getValueFromEvent
function defaultGetValueFromEvent(e) {
  if (!|| !e.target) {
    return e;
  const { target } = e;
  return target.type === 'checkbox' ? target.checked : target.value;
  validateTrigger: 'onBlur',
  rules: [{required: true}],
// is the shorthand of
  validate: [{
    trigger: 'onBlur',
    rules: [{required: true}],

getFieldDecorator(name:String, option: Object) => (React.Node) => React.Node

Similar to getFieldProps, but add some helper warnings and you can write onXX directly inside React.Node props:

  {getFieldDecorator('name', otherOptions)(<input />)}

getFieldsValue([fieldNames: String[]])

Get fields value by fieldNames.

getFieldValue(fieldName: String)

Get field value by fieldName.

getFieldInstance(fieldName: String)

Get field react public instance by fieldName.

setFieldsValue(obj: Object)

Set fields value by kv object.

setFieldsInitialValue(obj: Object)

Set fields initialValue by kv object. use for reset and initial display/value.

setFields(obj: Object)

Set fields by kv object. each field can contain errors and value member.

validateFields([fieldNames: String[]], [options: Object], callback: (errors, values) => void)

Validate and get fields value by fieldNames.

options is the same as validate method of async-validator. And add force and scroll. scroll is the same as dom-scroll-into-view's function parameter config.

options.force: Boolean

Defaults to false. Whether to validate fields which have been validated(caused by validateTrigger).

getFieldsError(names): Object{ [name]: String[] }

Get inputs' validate errors.

getFieldError(name): String[]

Get input's validate errors.

isFieldValidating(name: String): Bool

Whether this input is validating.

isFieldsValidating(names: String[]): Bool

Whether one of the inputs is validating.

isFieldTouched(name: String): Bool

Whether this input's value had been changed by user.

isFieldsTouched(names: String[]): Bool

Whether one of the inputs' values had been changed by user.

resetFields([names: String[]])

Reset specified inputs. Defaults to all.

isSubmitting(): Bool (Deprecated)

Whether the form is submitting.

submit(callback: Function) (Deprecated)

Cause isSubmitting to return true, after callback called, isSubmitting return false.

rc-form/lib/createDOMForm(option): Function

createDOMForm enhancement, support props.form.validateFieldsAndScroll

validateFieldsAndScroll([fieldNames: String[]], [options: Object], callback: (errors, values) => void)

props.form.validateFields enhancement, support scroll to the first invalid form field

options.container: HTMLElement

Defaults to first scrollable container of form field(until document).


<input {...getFieldProps('change',{
  onChange: this.iWantToKnow // you must set onChange here or use getFieldDecorator to write inside <input>
  • you can not use ref prop for getFieldProps
<input {...getFieldProps('ref')} />
this.props.form.getFieldInstance('ref') // use this to get ref


<input {...getFieldProps('ref',{
  ref: this.saveRef // use function here or use getFieldDecorator to write inside <input> (only allow function)
})} />

Test Case

npm test
npm run chrome-test


npm run coverage

open coverage/ dir


rc-form is released under the MIT license.


npm i rc-form

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