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Rawr X3DH

TypeScript implementation of X3DH, as described in ***Going Bark: A Furry's Guide to End-to-End Encryption***.

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OwO What's This?

This library implements the Extended Triple Diffie-Hellman key exchange, with a few minor tweaks:

  1. Identity keys are Ed25519 public keys, not X25519 public keys. See this for an explanation.
  2. Encryption/decryption and KDF implementations are pluggable (assuming you implement the interface I provide), so you aren't married to HKDF or a particular cipher. (Although I recommend hard-coding it to your application!)


First, you'll want to install this library via your package manager.

npm install rawr-x3dh

If you're working server-side, you'll also want to install sodium-native, so that sodium-plus will run faster.

If you're working in a browser or browser extension, don't install sodium-native.


First, you'll want to import the X3DH class from our module.

import { X3DH } from 'rawr-x3dh';
const x3dh = new X3DH();

Note: You can pass some classes to the constructor to replace my algorithm implementations for your own.

import { X3DH } from 'rawr-x3dh';
const x3dh = new X3DH(
    sessionKeyManager, /* SessionKeyManagerInterface */
    identityKeyManager, /* IdentityKeyManagerInterface */
    symmetricEncryptionHandler, /* SymmetricEncryptionInterface */
    keyDerivationFunction /* KeyDerivationFunction */

Once your X3DH object's instantiated, you will be able to initialize handshakes either as a sender or as a recipient. Then you will be able to encrypt additional messages on either side, and the encryption key shall ratchet forward.

const firstEncrypted = await x3dh.initSend(

The serverApiCallFunc parameter should be a function that sends a request to the server to obtain the identity key, signed pre-key, and optional one-time key for the handshake.

See the definition of the InitClientFunction type in lib/index.ts.

Once this has completed, you can call encryptNext() multiple times to append messages to send.

const nextEncrypted = await x3dh.encryptNext(
    'This is a follow-up message UwU'

On the other side, your communication partner will use the following feature.

const [sender, firstMessage] = await x3dh.initRecv(senderInfo);
const nextMessage = await x3dh.decryptNext(sender, nextEncrypted);

Note: initRecv() will always return the sender identity (a string) and the message (a Buffer that can be converted to a string). The sender identity should be usable for decryptNext() calls.

However, that doesn't mean it's trustworthy! This library only implements the X3DH pattern. It doesn't implement the Gossamer integration.

Should I Use This?

Don't use it in production until version 1.0.0 has been tagged. The API can break at any moment until that happens (especially if I decide I hate the default key management classes I wrote).

However, feel free to test and play with it.

Questions and Answers

Any Interest in Porting This to $LANG?

I'd love to port this to more languages! That will also allow me to write end-to-end integration tests.

As long as there's a good libsodium implementation, it should be doable.

However, I don't have nearly as much free time as I'd like, so I can't commit to building or supporting multiple implementations right now.

Conversely, if you've ported this to another language, let me know and I'll maintain a list here:

  • (Currently, none.)

Why "Rawr"?

The canonical abbreviation for the eXtended 3-way Diffie Hellman deniable authenticated key exchange is X3DH.

There is a cursed furry copypasta/meme that begins with "rawr x3". The juxtaposition of "x3" and "X3DH" is too perfect an opportunity for dumb jokes to pass up.

Is this a furry thing?

You betcha!

And remember: It's not furry trash, it's yiff-raff.

Why? Just, Why?

I've written a lot of words to answer this line of questioning already on my blog.

You will probably find the answer you're seeking here or here.

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