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Rate Limiter API

A simple library to easily manage rate limits of APIs without any hassles.

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<script src=""></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  var rateLimiter = RateLimiterAPI()


$ {sudo -H} npm install -S rate-limiter-api
import RateLimiterAPI from 'rate-limiter-api'

Public Interface

  • rateLimiter = RateLimiterAPI({threshold: 5})
  • rateLimiter.limit(requestHandler) => Promise
    • rateLimiter.updateRateLimits on success to update rates
    • requestHandler(responseHandler) on success to continue

import RateLimiterAPI from 'rate-limiter-api'
const rateLimiter = RateLimiterAPI({
  threshold: 5, // leave `threshold` amount of api requests intact (minimum: 1) 

Pass an optional threshold value which would limit the total rate limits till the threshold is reached in the current session pulse till rate reset.

const request = rateLimiter.limit(requestHandler) //=> Promise 
function requestHandler(responseHandler) {
    .then((response) => {
        rateLimit: response.headers.rateLimit,
        rateRemaining: response.headers.rateRemaining,
        rateReset: response.headers.rateReset,
      responseHandler(null, response.body)
    .catch((err) => {

The limit method is passed a requestHandler which would manage the request and then call the node-style responseHandler callback (which gets passed by the RateLimiter library to the requestHandler function) after the request is successful or unsuccessful accordingly.

The request method returns a Promise.

responseHandler(Error, response)
where the first parameter is the Error object and the seconds parameter is the response.

responseHandler callback must be called to continue getting responses.

Update the rate limits i.e. {rateLimit, rateRemaining, rateReset} got from the header using updateRateLimits method.

  .then((response) => {
    console.dir(response, {colors:1})
  .catch((error) => {

When the request completes, the Promise resolves and can be thenable to get the response or error.


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Technologies Used

  • Babel — Transpiles modern JS to compatible and runnable JS
  • Stamp It - Composable inheritance object creation libray
  • Async JS - Utility for asynchronous functions
  • Lodash - Utility library

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