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Exact rational vector arithmetic.

rat-vec is slow but reliable. You can use it to get quickly and reliably implement geometric algorithms, then go back and smash your head into a wall trying to optimize them with filters and predicates and snap rounding and so on.

This library is built on top of bn.js


var vec = require('rat-vec')
var toFloat = require('rat-vec/to-float')
var add = require('rat-vec/add')
var sub = require('rat-vec/sub')
var dot = require('rat-vec/sub')


npm i rat-vec


A rat-vec is an array of big-rats.

var r = require('rat-vec')(v)

Converts a vector of n floating point numbers into an exact rational vector of n+1 big ints.

  • v is a vector of floats, big-rats or strings

Returns A rational vector of big integers


Test if v is a rat-vec

var v = require('rat-vec/to-float')(r)

Rounds a vector of big-rats into a

  • r is a vector of n big integers

Returns A vector of n floats representing the closest representable vector

var s = require('rat-vec/add')(a, b)

Returns The vector sum of a and b

var d = require('rat-vec/sub')(a, b)

Returns The vector difference of a and b

var f = require('rat-vec/dot')(a, b)

Returns The dot product of a and b

var v = require('rat-vec/muls')(a, s)

Returns The scalar product of a and s, where s is a float, big-rat or string

var v = require('rat-vec/divs')(a, s)

Returns a divided by the scalar s

var lerp = require('rat-vec/lerp')(a, b, t)

Linearly interpolate between a and b with parameter t

var c = require('rat-vec/cmp')(a, b)

Compares the components of a and b, returns an array of 0,+1,-1 whose components are the result of comparing each value.

var eq = require('rat-vec/equals')(a, b)

Test if two rational vectors are equal.

var h = require('rat-vec/max')(a, b)

Computes the component-wise maximum of a and b

var l = require('rat-vec/min')(a, b)

Computes the component-wise minimum of a and b

var p = require('rat-vec/mul')(a, b)

Computes the component-wise product of a and b

var r = require('rat-vec/recip')(a)

Computes the component-wise reciprocal of a

var q = require('rat-vec/div')(a, b)

Computes the component-wise quotient of a and b

var n = require('rat-vec/neg')(x)

Computes the additive inverse of x

var n = require('rat-vec/abs')(x)

Computes the component-wise absolute value of x


(c) 2015, MIT License

Rat logo CC licensed, (c) La Tarte Au Citron


npm i rat-vec

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