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    Respberry Toolkit


    Respberry Toolkit & Webpanel based on node, for nodejs apps, makes life easier.

    • create web server on Pi: boardcast Pi's IP and provides some apis
    • provides web panel of Pi: run shell on web page
    • setup Pi wifi network: auto-connect configs,etc.

    How to install

    Install Node.js first

    the very first, make sure your Pi has node installed, if not, try install node.js first:

    $ sudo apt-get update
    $ sudo apt-get upgrade
    $ sudo apt-get install nodejs npm

    if your Pi runs on Debian, check this official guide

    Install via Npm

    // make sure install both on your PC/Mac and Pi
    $ sudo npm install respberry -g

    Bite a little

    Respberry Toolkit provides a CLI, which means you type some commands and everything will be setup and ready for connect

    Desktop Scanner (on your Mac/PC)

    connect your Pi by running:

    // start desktop connect 
    $ respberry connect
    // advanced connect config
    // default : respberry connect nodePi 9999
    // e.g: respberry connect myPi 9998
    $ respberry connect [token] [port]
    // desktop connecter will scan your Pi (default by port 9999)
    // result like this:
    $ [Success] Hi, im here // ssh your Pi use `ssh pi@`
    // or
    $ [404] Respberry Pi Not Found ...

    Respberry panel (on your Pi)

    manage your Pi on web panel

    start panel

    $ respberry panel // start your panel
    $ respberry panel 9999 // start your panel at selected port

    stop panel

    $ respberry panel stop // stop your panel

    respberry wifi

    scan wifi

    $ respberry wifi scan // follow steps to setup wifi
    // result
    [scan wifi] ssid:123 ? // wifi details
    [scan wifi] ssid:223 ? // wifi details
    [scan wifi] ssid:my network ? // wifi details

    setup wifi

    $ respberry wifi setup // follow steps to setup wifi
    // steps
    [setup wifi] ssid ? // input ssid
    [setup wifi] passtype ? // input passtype
    [setup wifi] password ? // input password
    [setup wifi] autoconnect ? // true or false;
    // results
    [setup wifi] wifi ssid:123 setup success [√]
    // or 
    [setup wifi] wifi ssid:123 setup fail [x]

    start wifi

    $ respberry wifi // start wifi
    // result
    [start wifi] wifi(ssid) connected [√]
    // or 
    [start wifi] wifi(ssid) failed [x]

    list wifi and edit

    $ respberry wifi list // list wifi configs
    // result
    [list wifi] id:1 ssid:abc passtype:wap password:xxx
    $ respberry wifi edit 1 // edit (id:1)wifi configs
    // result
    [setup wifi] xxx // same as #start wifi

    stop wifi support

    $ respberry wifi stop // stop wifi
    // result
    [stop wifi] wifi stoped [√]


    MIT License

    Roadmap -> 0.1.0

    • [ ] add mobile panel support
    • [ ] add wechat interface/api support





    npm i raspberry

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