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A JavaScript Dota 2 (Source 2) replay parsing library.

Rapier is a Dota 2 replay parsing library supporting Source 2 replays written in JavaScript.

It will throw (exceptions) if incorrectly used. :)

Why JavaScript?

  • Potential for in-browser parsing (isomorphic design)
  • No JS replay parsing library yet
  • Makes the YASP stack 100% JavaScript


  • Rapier is designed to offer a very simple API.
  • Users simply attach event listeners with the names of the protobuf messages they're interested in.
  • Properties such as string tables, game event descriptors, and id->string mappings are exposed to allow the user to interpret the message.

Event Overview

  • DEM messages. The basic building block of the replay.
    • CDemoPacket, CDemoFullPacket, CDemoSignonPacket. These messages contain one or more packets.
      • Packets. Contain most of the interesting data in the replay.
        • User Messages. These include all chat.
        • Dota User Messages. These include objectives, map pings, and actions.
        • Game Events. These come in several flavors and their content/structure are interpreted by using the game event descriptors (available to the user)
          • Combat Log. Combat log entries are a type of game event. Some fields require the use of string tables (available to the user) to translate a number to a useful string ("npc_dota_hero_furion").
        • Packet Entities.
    • CDemoFileInfo. This includes an end-of-game summary.
    • CDemoSpawnGroups.
    • CDemoSaveGames.


  • Node.js: npm install rapier
  • Browser: <script src="./build/rapier.js"></script> (you can grab the file and host it anywhere)


Examples of server and client side parsing can be found in examples

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