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Rampant launches your Node.js application into a profiler session using node-webkit-agent paired with the Developer Tools frontend inside Google Chrome Canary.


  1. Requires Mac OS X.
  2. Requires Google Chrome Canary.
  3. Does not work if your app depends on STDIN.


npm install rampant


./node_modules/.bin/rampant /path/to/your/file.js [arguments]

Note: You must provide a fully-qualified path for your script to workaround my shortcomings of path handling. Here's how I workaround this problem in Yeti.


Rampant depends on bleeding edge Google Chrome to work correctly with node-webkit-agent and Node.js. If you expect this software to work flawlessly, you've chosen the wrong software.

As of the time of this writing, using Rampant is a lot easier than using node-webkit-agent by hand.

If you need a debugger, check out node-inspector because node-webkit-agent does not implement the debugger protocol.


BSD. See LICENSE file.


Reid Burke, Yahoo! Inc.