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    A pure JS implementation of the Rapid Automated Keyword Extraction (RAKE) algorithm. Put in any text corpus, get back a bunch of keyphrases and keywords.

    TypeScript Build Status styled with prettier License: LGPL v3

    Currently supported languages:

    • english
    • german
    • spanish
    • italian
    • dutch
    • portugese
    • swedish

    More languages are fairly easy to add, see the stoplist module for details.

    How to use

    Without any further options:

      import rake from 'rake-js'
      const myKeywords = rake(someTextContent) // ['keyword1, ...]

    When the language is known in advance (faster execution):

      import rake from 'rake-js'
      const myKeywords = rake(someTextContent, { language: 'english' })

    When the corpus is divided by something other than whitespace (eg: ;):

      import rake from 'rake-js'
      const myKeywords = rake(someTextContent, { delimiters: [';+'] })

    Implementation Details

    This algorithm is fast, compared with other approaches like TextRank. The results are surprisingly good for a cross-language algorithm, and the truly relevant keywords / phrases are included in the result in most cases. For more details about the RAKE algorithm, read the original paper.

    There are still rough edges in the code, but I tried to translate the abstract algorithm into a solid software package, tested and typesafe. Actually I wrote this thing because I was very disappointed with all the existing solutions on NPM, and I hope this repository is easier to contribute to in the future.


    • support more languages (only handful are whitelisted for now)
    • duplicate keyword filtering
    • check browser compatibility



    You can use this package in all your free or commercial products without any issues, but I want bugfixes and improvements to this algorithm to flow back into the public code repository.


    npm i rake-js

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