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Raddish Framework

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What is Raddish Framework

Raddish is an open-source NodeJS Framework for modern web applications. Developed and maintained by passionate developers.

The design pattern based architecure gives more flexibility to your applications. Basically everything being written becomes resuable and extensible pieces of code.

Raddish uses a component based architecure seperated by applications, working together accoring the Hierarchical Model-View-Contoller (HMVC) pattern.

Why Raddish Framework

Raddish is build to help developers create a fast and reliable backend for web applications, Raddish tries to solve this by doing to following

  • Provide a solid, modern and lean architecture for building applications
  • Allow components to be flexible, reusable and extendable with ease.


We love you contributing to Raddish Framework, this can be anything from bug fixes to features and inprovements. We do appreciate some guidelines in contributes.

We use the GitFlow branching model which keeps a nice separation of bugfixes and features.

Where to send your pull request to:

  • When sending a pull request for a bugfix please prepend bugfix/ to your branch name and send it to the develop branch so the bugfix will be added to master and develop. (non-breaking changes)
  • If you are sending a pull request for a feature please prepend feature/ to your branch name and send it to the develop branch, this to ensure the feature to be added to the upcoming release. (minor/ breaking code changes).
  • For other pull requests please send them directly to the develop branch.

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