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Tools that allow you to easily use Javascript for all your scripting needs.

NOTE: previously embedded git semver commands have been moved to the git-semver module. Install the @moodboom/git-semver module to get that functionality.

Common functions and commands:

  • run_command_sync_to_console: Run one command and let output immediately flow to console
  • run_command_async_to_console:Async run one command and dump output to console when complete
  • run_command_quietly: Runs without output unless error
  • run_command: Run a command asynchronously and get the output when it finishes in a callback
  • run_command_sync: Run a command synchronously and get the output when it finishes
  • runsteps: Run a specific set of commands in specific directories
  • hasArg: Check a set of args for a value; eg: hasArg( args, '--init')
  • combine_params: Combine an array of params with separator
  • distro: Return distro name from lsb_release
  • hostname: Return hostname
  • ping_gw: Ping local gateway
  • ping_google: Ping google.com
  • cdfolder: cd to folder, return false if the folder doesn't exist
  • cdfirst: change to first found folder from list of candidates
  • make_folder: make the given folder (no matter how deep)
  • folder_exists: returns true if the folder exists
  • link_exists: returns true if the link exists
  • file_exists: returns true if the file exists
  • file_diff: returns true if the two files differ
  • find_first_folder: find and return first existing folder in a list of candidates
  • get_files_in_one_dir: non-recursive get files
  • walk: gather all files in a folder
  • walksubdirs: Similar to previous, but only returns directories not files within them.
  • fileRegexReplace: find and replace the given regex in the file
  • fileRegexReplaceMultiline: find and replace across lines (gm)
  • string_pad: Provide buffer and returns padded string
  • rad-scripts-sync: (internal) commit and publish rad-scripts; uses git-sync from @moodboom/git-semver
  • list-commands: lists all available commands
  • make-folder: [path] > makes the folder (even if deep), returns true if succeeds or already exists

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