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Readium-2 Glue JS

This repo contains Javascript resources that are injected by a Readium-2 streamer or navigator.

This is a first draft of how this could be broken down:

  • pagination.js will handle all functions related to paginating CSS columns:
    • calculating the total number of columns
    • returning the position of the current column
    • scrolling to the next column on the left/right
    • scrolling to a fragment identifier
  • scrolling.js replicates a number of those operations:
    • calculating the current position in the document
    • jumping to a position
  • touchHandling.js will handle touch interactions with the document:
    • taps and tap zones (left/right/center)
    • swipe/drag
    • link handler
    • EPUB 3.x style footnotes
    • support for interactions with form elements
  • keyHandling.js will handle similar interaction but for keys (keyboard, but also dedicated hardware keys, like volume buttons on mobile devices)
  • utils.js collects a number of functions, including:
    • setting CSS custom properties
    • removing CSS custom properties
    • utility methods shared across modules

This repository is meant to contain templates that the various Readium-2 Test Apps will customize and integrate.

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