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react-slot-counter is a feature-rich React component that displays numbers and strings with an engaging slot machine animation effect.

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  • Flexible Inputs: Support for displaying numbers, strings, and JSX elements. You can even use a combination of these in a single slot counter instance!
  • Animated Changes: Only the characters that change get animated, bringing life and motion to your app's interface.
  • Customize Animation Settings: Control the duration of the animation, or decide whether to start the animation automatically upon mounting.
  • Sequential Animation Mode: A unique feature that provides the option to animate the numbers incrementally or decrementally from the start value to the target value, rather than a random animation.
  • Monospace Font Support: The useMonospaceWidth prop ensures that all numeric characters occupy the same horizontal space as they would in a monospace font.
  • Infinite List Appearance: Option to make the list appear as continuous, seamlessly connecting the end of the target character to the beginning.
  • Style Customization: Easily add custom styles to the characters, separators, and overall container. You can even customize the class name for the slot value.
  • Ref Support: Control the animation start with a ref for increased flexibility.

Immerse your users in an interactive, engaging, and enjoyable experience with react-slot-counter. Whether you're displaying user scores, loading status, or real-time data, react-slot-counter adds that extra 'spin' to your numbers and strings.


To install the package, run the following command:

npm install react-slot-counter


Import SlotCounter and use it in your component. Here's a simple example:

import React from 'react';
import SlotCounter from 'react-slot-counter';

function App() {
  return (
      <SlotCounter value={123456} />
      <SlotCounter value={36.5} />
      <SlotCounter value="1,234,567" />
      <SlotCounter value={['1', '2', '3', '4', '5', '6']} />
      <SlotCounter value="??????" />

export default App;


For more examples of usage and available options, check out the demo page.


Prop Type Default Description Version
value (required) number | string | string[] | JSX.Element[] The value to be displayed. It can be a number or a string with numbers and commas. JSX.Element: 1.8.0
startValue number | string | string[] | JSX.Element[] The initial value to be displayed before the animation starts. It sets the beginning of the slot machine animation. 1.7.0
startValueOnce boolean false If set to true, the animation starts from the startValue only for the first render. For subsequent animations, it starts from the last value. 1.10.0
duration number 0.7 The duration of the animation in seconds.
dummyCharacters string[] | JSX.Element[] Defaults to random numbers from 0 to 9 An array of dummy characters to be used in the animation.
dummyCharacterCount number 6 The number of dummy characters to be displayed in the animation before reaching the target character.
autoAnimationStart boolean true Determines whether the animation should start automatically when the component is first mounted.
animateUnchanged boolean false Determines whether to animate only the characters that have changed.
hasInfiniteList boolean false Determines whether the list should appear as continuous, with the end of the target character seamlessly connected to the beginning. 1.4.2
containerClassName string The class name of container.
charClassName string The class name of each character.
separatorClassName string The class name of the separator character (. or ,).
valueClassName string The class name for the value of the slot, making it possible to customize the styling and visibility of the value. 1.4.3
sequentialAnimationMode boolean false Determines if the animation should increment or decrement sequentially from the startValue to value instead of random animation. 1.9.0
useMonospaceWidth boolean false Ensures that all numeric characters occupy the same horizontal space, just like they would in a monospace font. 1.9.0
debounceDelay number 0 Specifies the delay in milliseconds for debouncing animations. When the value changes rapidly, it allows the animation to execute smoothly. 1.11.0


You can access the SlotCounter component using a ref. This ref can be used to start the animation of the component.

Method Description
startAnimation Start the animation of the component

The startAnimation method accepts an optional object with the following properties:

  • duration: The duration of the animation in seconds. Overrides the duration prop.
  • dummyCharacterCount: The number of dummy characters to be displayed in the animation before reaching the target character. Overrides the dummyCharacterCount prop.
  • direction: This option determines the direction of the slot machine animation. The accepted values are bottom-top and top-bottom. The default value is bottom-top. If bottom-top is chosen, the animation will start from the bottom and move towards the top. If top-bottom is chosen, the animation will start from the top and move downwards.


import React, { useRef } from 'react';
import SlotCounter, { SlotCounterRef } from 'react-slot-counter';

function App() {
  const counterRef = useRef < SlotCounterRef > null;

  const handleStartClick = () => {

  return (
      <SlotCounter value={123456} ref={counterRef} />
      <button onClick={handleStartClick}>Start</button>

export default App;


Contributions are always welcome!

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This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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