Maybe coming some day.

Maybe coming some day.

This is what others might call an "application". But "application is a pretty silly name.

function(requestparams) {
    return response;

A node.js request object, as documented in the offical node.js docs. There are no additional properties, no magical extension methods.

Think: the "arguments". This can be path parameters, query parameters. params should never contain anything other than simple data. By default params defaults to an empty object. If a request handler forwards to a different handler, it should forward all params that were passed in. Injecting magic catch-all params is highly discouraged. Say no to params.cookies or .session or any other funny business. params SHOULD be a simple object. Any other kind of value should be the exception.

Describes the response that should be returned. A proper response has a method to pipe to node.js response stream. It's also valid to return any of the things that can be coerced into a response object by quinn.respond.