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$ quicktype [--lang ts|go|cs|elm|schema|swift] FILE|URL ... 


Given JSON sample data, quicktype outputs code for working with that data in
TypeScript, Go, C#, Elm, and more.


-o, --out FILE                         The output file. Determines --lang and --top-level. 
-t, --top-level NAME                   The name for the top level type.                    
-l, --lang ts|go|cs|elm|schema|swift   The target language.                                
-s, --src-lang json|schema             The source language (default is json).              
--src FILE|URL                         The file or url to type.
--src-urls FILE                        Tracery grammar describing URLs to crawl.                      
-h, --help                             Get some help.                                      


Generate C# to parse a Bitcoin API

$ quicktype -o LatestBlock.cs 

Generate Go code from a JSON file

$ quicktype -l go user.json                                       

Generate JSON Schema, then TypeScript

$ quicktype -o schema.json    
$ quicktype -o bitcoin.ts --src-lang schema schema.json           

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