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A tiny thing to make the browser reload when files are changed on disk.

Includes a command line tool and an express middleware.


  • Zero configuration. Just add quickreload as an express middleware, or run quickreload from the command line
  • Reloads css without doing a full page refresh
  • Reconnects if the backend (websockets server) goes down

Express middleware

if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') {
    // options... 

Valid options are:

  • inject Will inject a snippet into all reponses with content-type set to text/html that loads the browser side part of quickreload. Default is true.

If using inject: false, the following snippet must be included in the source code of pages that should reload on changes:

<script src="/quickreload.js" async></script>

Command line

Install the command system wide using npm install quickreload -g

Usage: quickreload [options] [watchdir]
  Will default to current working directory if watchdir is omitted.
    --css <extensions...>  Comma separated list of extensions to treat as css
                           files. The client will reload all tags matching
                           link[rel=stylesheet] when files with any of these
                           extensions are changed.
                           Default: css,sass,scss,less,styl
     --js <extensions...>  Comma separated list of extensions to treat as js
                           files. The client will do a full page reload when
                           files with any of these extensions are changed.
                           Default: js,jsx,coffee,json
    --html <extensions...> Comma separated list of extensions to treat as html
                           files. The client will do a full page reload when
                           files with any of these extensions are changed.
                           Default: html
--ignore, -i <dir|globstr> A directory name or glob string that, if a directory
                           matches it will, it will not be  watched for
                           Default: node_modules
         --port, -p <port> Port to listen to. Will assign a random available
                           port if not given.