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A queue with a unique use case.

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I created this queue data structure because of the unique use case I ran into. I needed to open files in an asynchronous way, to maximize efficiency. But I needed to read from them in order, including subdirectories. This queue helped me do that, although for now I can't think of other use cases for this.

I've also tried to think of a way to simplify this and possibly break it down into 2 type of queues. But since both workers depend on each other and share the same concurrency, I'm starting to think this is what the simplified solution is. :/


new Queue2(worker1, worker2, concurrency)

Creates a queue with the given workers and concurrency. Jobs will be executed asynchronously with no more than concurrency running at once. worker1 will be alled the arguments which Queue2#push() was called with plus a callback function that should be called with either an error or results when the task finishes.

function worker1(a, b, c, callback) {
  someAsyncOp(a, b, c, callback);

The worker1 function is also called with a context which contains a method named inject for placing additional tasks in place, in the same position, of the current running task. The context also includes an injected key which will be true if the current task was added using the inject function.

function worker1(a, b, c, callback) {
    [1, 2, 3],
    [2, 3, 4],
    [3, 4, 5]

The callback should not be called when inject is used. Since the tasks injected are supposed to replace the current one.

Queue2#push(arg1, arg2, arg3...)

Pushes a task onto the queue. If the last argument is a function and it corresponds with the position of the callback from the first worker, then it will be called once there is an error with the task, or the task finishes.

For example:

const q = new Queue2((a, callback) => {
  // a === 1
}, worker2);
q.push(1, (err) => {
 if (err) throw err;
 // will be called once this finishes


Number of active tasks that are running.


Kills the queue.


Event: 'error'

  • Error

Emitted when there is an error processing a task and a callback isn't given to the push method.

Event: 'full'

Queue is full.

Event: 'empty'

Queue is empty, with tasks still running.

Event: 'drain'

Queue is empty and tasks have finished.


npm install queue2


Tests are written with mocha

npm test

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