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Quaternion.js - ℍ in JavaScript

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Quaternion.js is a well tested JavaScript library for 3D rotations. Quaternions can be used everywhere, from the rotation of your mobile phone over computer games to the rotation of satellites. The library comes with examples to make you get started much quicker without worrying about the math behind. However, all methods are proven and tested.

Example with HTML5 Device Orientation

In order to create a HTML element, which always rotates in 3D with your mobile device, all you need is the following snippet. Look at the examples folder for a complete version.

var q = new Quaternion;
var rad = Math.PI / 180;
window.addEventListener("deviceorientation", function(ev) {
  // Update the rotation object
  q.setFromEuler(ev.alpha * rad, ev.beta * rad, ev.gamma * rad, 'ZXY');
  // Set the CSS style to the element you want to rotate = "matrix3d(" + q.conjugate().toMatrix4() + ")";
}, true);


Installing Quaternion.js is as easy as cloning this repo or use one of the following commands:

bower install quaternion


npm install quaternion

Using Quaternion.js with the browser

<script src="quaternion.js"></script>
    console.log(Quaternion("1 + 2i - 3j + 4k"));

Using Quaternion.js with require.js

<script src="require.js"></script>
function(Quaternion) {
    console.log(Quaternion("1 + 2i - 3j + 4k"));

Coding Style

As every library I publish, Quaternion.js is also built to be as small as possible after compressing it with Google Closure Compiler in advanced mode. Thus the coding style orientates a little on maxing-out the compression rate. Please make sure you keep this style if you plan to extend the library.


If you plan to enhance the library, make sure you add test cases and all the previous tests are passing. You can test the library with

npm test

Copyright and licensing

Copyright (c) 2016, Robert Eisele ( Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.