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zero configuration code and module linting

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installation & usage

$ npm install -save-dev quality

add to your package.json:

    "test": "quality && <test runner>"


Add to your readme so people can see your commitment to quality at a glance

quality tested

[![quality tested](](

standalone cli

$ quality

will run all quality checks for the module in the current directory.

quality --verbose will tell you more about what's going on as it's running:

$ quality --verbose
Checking dependencies
Checking for unused or missing dependencies in package.json...
Validating duplicate packages...
Validating all require statements...
Checking style

quality exists with a 1 error code if problems are found and a 0 if everything is ok, so you can easily combine it with other tools in shell scripts.


quality is the easiest way to add best-of linting and quality checking to your package to make your (development) life easier. it is built on the following tools:

  • standard - checks for javascript code style, syntax errors, variable scope errors
  • sanitycheck - checks for missing & unused module dependencies in your code & package.json


but I want to configure all of the things

Feel free to fork this and configure it to your heart's content to find defaults that work for you and your team. When you do this, I recommend publishing it as an npm scoped package, eg @yourname/quality so you can still benefit from ease of setup and consistency across packages

there is an aspect of quality that is currently completely missing from this module

feel free to open an issue! I'm interested in adding sensible defaults to reduce the amount of things you have to think about when developing a new module while maintaining a high level of overall quality. For example, there is an effort to develop standard-readme, which I'm interested in incorporating in quality once it has been published and is somewhat stable.

running the tests

From package root:

$ npm install
$ npm test



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