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A node.js wrapper for libqrencode, but instead of encoding data to image, it returns raw QR data in buffer, which allows you to do amazing things.


You may need to install libqrencode-dev (>= 3.2) before install this package.

# Ubuntu
sudo apt-get install libqrencode-dev

# OS X
brew install libqrencode

npm install --save qrencode-raw


var qr = require('qrencode-raw');
var res = qr.encode(data, level, version);
  • data string | Buffer data to encode, cannot be empty
  • level QRecLevel error correction level:
    • qr.ECLEVEL_L Lowest
    • qr.ECLEVEL_M
    • qr.ECLEVEL_Q
    • qr.ECLEVEL_H Highest
  • version int QR code version
    • 0 auto
    • 1 ~ 40 manually set


  version: 1,
  width: 21,
  data: <SlowBuffer ...>
  • version int qr code version
  • width int qr code width/height
  • data Buffer qr code actual data, each byte represent a dot, width * height bytes in total.
    You can use bitwise AND with flags on each byte to extract info for that dot:
    • qr.DOT_BLACK dot is black.
    • qr.DOT_DATA_ECC dot is part of data or ecc code
    • qr.DOT_FORMAT dot is format info
    • qr.DOT_VERSION dot is version info
    • qr.DOT_TIMING dot is part of timing pattern
    • qr.DOT_ALIGN dot is part of alignment pattern
    • qr.DOT_FINDER dot is part of finder pattern
    • qr.DOT_NON_DATA dot is non-data