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This is an npm module for qrcode JavaScript library (

Notice that I am not the author of the code, I am just simply creating an npm module out of the great library from Kazuhiko Arase Notice also that there is another module (node-qrcode, see:, which is more sophisticated and uses canvas object:

  • qrcode-npm uses img or table tags, which is more friendly to older browsers
  • if you know your target browser is canvas capable then I recommend using node-qrcode module


var qrCode = require('qrcode')

var qr = qrCode.qrcode(4, 'M');

qr.createImgTag(4);    // creates an <img> tag as text
qr.createTableTag(4);  // creates a <table> tag as text


npm install qrcode-npm

The word "QR Code" is registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED