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QApe is autonomous testing tool, which acts as a manual tester browsing your website, clicking anything it can and reporting any errors it finds with exact steps, how to reproduce it. It also automatically generates a script for regression test, which you can add to set of defined scenarios for QApe, so you will have regression test for every error it finds! The longer the QApe is testing your website, the more potentially problematic scenarios it knows and re-tests them with each run without any work from your side!

Give It a Try!

Take a look how QApe works!

npx qape --headless-mode-disabled -u

Get Started

Install QApe as local dependency

npm install --save-dev qape

Than you can run it like this

node_modules/.bin/qape -u

Pass --headless-mode-disabled argument to watch QApe in action.

Preview Results

By default, QApe saves all scenarios causing an error to report folder. Reproducible errors are saved in format *-minified.json. Non-reproducible errors are saved in format *-not-reproduced.json. You can replay any of these scenarios like this

node_modules/.bin/qape --preview-mode report/*

Run QApe in Docker

You can use pre-built QApe docker image. Just set volumes to your report dir and you can pass any QApe CLI arguments at the end of docker run command and it will be passed to QApe inside. See example below.

docker run -v report:/home/qape/report qape/qape:latest --url



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