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This Preact based UI is intended to be used with pzgps-server. Please see that package's README for more information.

Quick-Start Guide


npm install


Start a live-reload development server

npm start

This is a full web server nicely suited to your project. Any time you make changes within the src directory, it will rebuild and even refresh your browser.

Production Build

npm run build

You can now deploy the contents of the build directory to production!

Lint Your Code

npm run lint


npm test

CSS Modules

This project is set up to support CSS Modules. By default, styles in src/style are global (not using CSS Modules) to make global declarations, imports and helpers easy to declare. Styles in src/components are loaded as CSS Modules via Webpack's css-loader. Modular CSS namespaces class names, and when imported into JavaScript returns a mapping of canonical (unmodified) CSS classes to their local (namespaced/suffixed) counterparts.

When imported, this LESS/CSS:

.redText { color:red; }
.blueText { color:blue; }

... returns the following map:

import styles from './style.css';
// { 
//   redText: 'redText_local_9gt72', 
//   blueText: 'blueText_local_9gt72' 
// } 

Note that the suffix for local classNames is generated based on an md5 hash of the file. Changing the file changes the hash.

Handling URLS

💁 This project contains a basic two-page app with URL routing.

Pages are just regular components that get mounted when you navigate to a certain URL. Any URL parameters get passed to the component as props.

Defining what component(s) to load for a given URL is easy and declarative. You can even mix-and-match URL parameters and normal props.

  <A path="/" />
  <B path="/b" id="42" />
  <C path="/c/:id" />


Apache 2.0