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Pusher Platform is a framework for dynamic, small-to-medium sized Node.js-based websites.

The framework intends to be light-weight: relying primarily on reliable third-party modules and providing conventions and glue code to fluidly connect the various components of the site.


The latest, full documentation is at:


npm install pusher.platform

Or add the following dependency to the package.json of your Node-based project:

"pusher.platform" : "*"


Pusher Platform strives to be as simple as possible, to be learnable in as little time as possible, and have as few moving parts as are necessary to build a fully functional, impressive website. While pusher.platform as a whole is a framework, the components - for example, the middleware - are intended to usable independently as well. The general approach is to provide easily understandable concepts, architecture, and code from the start rather than attempting to hide complexity.

What is it Built on?

The platform is build on express, mongoose, mustache, passport, and other popular libraries on the server-side. On the client-side, versions of Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, underscore, font-awesome, and other libraries are made available. Pusher Platform is not a framework intent on reinventing the wheel.