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PureLint, an easier-to-use but pure JSLint

Why not JSLint directly ?

JSLint is a very good tool to get a strict style in your whole code.

The only pain is the verbose log, and the command line. A configuration file would be easier to use.

So ... why not jshint ?

jshint isn't strict enough for me.

For instance, you can write :



if (condition)


if ( condition )

jhint doesn't care.

Ok, and PureLint ?

PureLint is a jslint wrapper. You won't get anything more than JSLint, except :

  • A smaller trace (it won't trace the "OK" part).

  • A JSON configuration file (.purelintrc) at the top of your repository.

PureLint keeps purity : the only available configurations are here : JSLint configuration